Pastoral Care Committee

Chairperson: Susan Geiger

"We will share responsibility for the pastoral care of individuals and families in times of joy, sorrow, suffering, or transition--identifying needs, responding to needs in appropriate ways, and facilitating a sense of community and connection." (from St George's Vision Statement)

This is our vision. One of the ways we will "live into" this vision is through the leadership of a newly commissioned Pastoral Care Committee. The structure of this committee reflects the design of the pastoral care program of the parish, which is intended to respond to the needs of individuals and/or families in the parish without making assumptions about what those needs might be. This will be accomplished primarily through Care Team ministry, which is set into motion initially by referral from the Rector. Upon this referral, one of the Care Team Coordinators will make an initial contact with the person or family to determine what, if any, support may be desired. Based on that initial conversation, an appropriate response will be developed drawing on the interests and skills within the parish.

In addition to the Care Team ministry, the pastoral care program will also include:

The coordinators of the various ministry areas are listed below. For more information about the pastoral care program, please contact the Rector (email link on menu above).

Pastoral Care Coordinators
Care Team Deb Boda and Josephine Ross
College Student Ministry Karen Horrocks
Military Personnel Ministry Chris Engle
Shut-in Ministry Position Not Yet Filled
Prayer Chain Hilda Nichol