Our Newsletter: The Wider Circle

ISSN: 1539-0632

The newsletter is published monthly, except for a combined issue in July and August. The deadline for submission of articles is the last Friday of the month preceding the month of publication.

The editor of the newsletter is appointed by the rector, who serves as executive editor. The current editor is Susan Geiger.

Vestry members are encouraged to provide the editor with brief articles about their areas of responsibility for each issue of the newsletter. Other members of the parish are also encouraged to contributed brief articles for each issue.

Articles may be sent to the editor.

The editor is authorized to make minor edits to submitted articles without consulting the author. The editor will consult with the rector or senior warden if the editor believes that major edits are required. If the rector or warden concurs with the editor's concerns, the editor will consult with the author regarding modifications. If the editor is unable to consult with the author before the publication deadline, the article will be not be included in the current issue. The rector or senior warden proofs the entire newsletter before publication.

The size of the newsletter is limited to four 8.5 x 11 pages.

The newsletter is duplicated at a print shop at which the parish has an account. It is printed on recycled paper whenever possible and in the most economical fashion available.

Letters to the editor are not accepted.

Business advertisements of not more than business card size are accepted at a cost of $15 per issue or $100 per year. The rector or senior warden may authorize gratis ads to business that provide in-kind services or products to the parish or to nonprofit agencies on a space-available basis.